A mom in Georgia is on a crusade to convince state lawmakers to require special "Caution - Newly Licensed" magnets and stickers on the backs of all vehicles operated by young drivers. Concerned after moving from Ohio to the Peach State and seeing how "crazy" the local drivers were, Susie Kessler founded the "Caution and Courtesy Driver Alliance" to help keep her young son safe when he reached driving age.
According to an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kessler says the magnet concept was designed to be "something positive" and not embarrassing (in her mind, the simple sticker avoids humiliation to new drivers). And, if you think (correctly) that the kid will simply drive around the corner and pull of the magnet, parents may affix a permanent sticker to the rear window just to drive the message home.

Donnie, her hapless 16-year-old son stuck driving a newbie-emblazoned vehicle, expressed wishes that his mom had focused her energy somewhere else as he quipped to the reporter, "Why does she have to take on this? Couldn't she be feeding the homeless?"

[Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Image: Phil Skinner]

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