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It looks as though Italy will be the latest country to be able to boast of an electric motocross manufacturer when Evolt (Electric Vehicle Oriented) brings its muscular Bull1 to the market. The bike is the brainchild of Bruno Greppi who decided a few years ago to build a range of battery-powered two wheelers that featured great performance as well as a decent range. One of the results of that effort is an MX designed for competition and off-road that's capable of loads of torque and can hit a top speed of 55 mph (90 km/h). Its lithium polymer batteries, in conjunction with a brushless motor that allows for regenerative braking, are said to give it a two-hour run time. Charging comes via a custom device and takes about an hour.

When the bike was shown at the Milan International Cycle and motorcycle Exhibition late last year, it was thought it may be available in Italy in late 2009 at a price in the neighborhood of € 9000 ($12,540). Although Evolt also has a trials bike called the Deer and an electric scooter called the Lizard in the works, we are especially looking forward to someday grabbing this Bull1 by its horns. Hit the jump for all the specs and a couple short videos featuring a bit of MX track action.

[Source: Motorcafe / Evolt / AVEM]

Motor : BRUSHLESS 84Volt 3.500rpm
Nominal power : 10Kw
Max power : 33,5Kw
Nominal torque : 32Nm
Wheel max torque : 480Nm
Battery : 28 cells LiPo 96Volt 30Ah
Controller : digital 120Volt 400A
Range: 2 hours off-road ride
Speed: 70-90Km/h
Weight: 95-105Kg

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