When the price of oil was soaring last summer Japan Post said it would switch its fleet over to electric vehicles as soon as possible. It's not a little over a year later and this change is starting to take place. By the end of July, Japan Post should have started 5-year lease programs for 20 Mitsubishi i MiEVs and 20 Subaru Stellas. Most of these cars will be based in Kanagawa Prefecture where there is already some amount of recharging infrastructure.

In addition to the consumer type vehicles, the mail services company will also try out 9 solar panel-topped battery-powered trucks (pictured above) and several copies of a single-seat open-side affair that's based on the Toyota Auto Body's Ultra Small Electric Everyday COMS. Speaking of Toyota, the company proper will be supplying Japan Post with an example of the 2010 plug-in Prius around the end of the year. Thanks to Yanquetino for the tip!

[Source: Green Car Congress / Japan Post]

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