About a decade ago, a lone McDonald's in Phoenix, Arizona installed an electric car charging station in the hopes that one day consumers would be driving to its store on electrons in lieu of fossil fuels. A decade has since passed and most of us still pump dead dinos into our tanks, but at least one McDonald's franchise in Cary, North Carolina is taking another look at electric car charging points.

Ric Richards, the owner of the McDonald's in question, is reportedly going green on the new restaurant with eco-friendly materials and technologies, and that includes a ChargePoint charging station for plug-in vehicles. Click here for a quick primer on how the ChargePoint public charging station works.

It's probably going to be a little while longer before a large enough number of plug-in vehicles are on our roads to prompt widespread adoption of charging points, but at least one fast food restaurant will be ready. McDonald's in Sweden are also looking at offering outlets with Big Macs.

[Source: Hybrid Cars | Photo: smenzel CC 2.0]

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