Going 568 kilometers (353 miles) on a liter of hydrogen is nothing to scoff at, but for the students at Sakarya University in northwestern Turkey who built the SAHİMO vehicle, it's simply not good enough. The hydrogen-powered ride was the third-most fuel-efficient vehicle in the recent 26th Shell Eco Marathon, but for the Global Green Challenge down in Australia this October, the students are shooting for 1,000 km per liter.

The SAHİMO can squeeze so much distance from so little fuel because it's ridiculously lightweight. The enclosed vehicle weighs just 110 kilograms (240 pounds). While details about the powertrain and exactly how the students plan to almost double their range in the little car weren't easily found in our English-language searches, we can assume they won't be cheap to implement. The SAHİMO, as is, cost $170,000.

[Source: Today's Zaman, SAİTEM via Treehugger]

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