Yamaha MotoGP Garage Tour - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Access to the garage areas of MotoGP teams is limited to say the least, and all but the highest-level passes will leave you trying to get a glimpse from afar while the mechanics diligently work on the bikes throughout the weekend. Good fortune was with us, however. Yamaha was kind enough to give us access to its garage so we could take a closer look at the inner-workings of a MotoGP team.

While we couldn't spend too much time in any of the areas, we were amazed to see just how much goes into simply setting up each garage. Space is at a premium, so everything is extremely well organized. The workstations are incredibly clean, and some sections are even carpeted. Perhaps our favorite part was getting a close look at the motorcycles and their components. Each bike is a beautiful mass of carbon fiber, titanium, and CNC-machined parts. Yamaha allowed us to take photos, so you can check out the two-wheeled rides of Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, and Colin Edwards for yourselves in the high-res gallery below.

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