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Back in February, the UK-based Lightning Car Company announced that it still intends to begin building and selling its Lightning GT by 2010. The £120,000 electric sportscar will be powered by one 120kW electric motor per wheel – assuming the fledgling automaker is still able to use hub motors from bankrupt PML Flightlink – that will get their electrons from 36kW of Altairnano NanoSafe lithium titanite batteries. According to its maker, the car should be able to accelerate its carbon fiber and Kevlar self to 60 mph in just four seconds and sport a range of up to 180 miles.

Despite the fact that the company has yet to ship its first automobile, Lightning Car Company chairman Ian Sanderson has said the company intends to also offer "a high-end chauffeur-driven car with electric power." Also on the menu will be an SUV and a smaller sportscar, all powered by variations of the GT's electric drivetrain. Ambitious, no?

[Source: Autocar]

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