2005 Yamaha Gen-Ryu patent filing - Click above for high-res image gallery

Yamaha is reportedly developing a hybrid motorcycle based on the Gen-Ryu concept that first debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show way back in 2005 and the LUXAIR followup two years later. That first concept machine mated up the 600cc inline-four engine from Yamaha's R6 sportbike to an electric motor and generator that sent power to the rear wheel. Although its unlikely that exact powertrain would ever hit the showroom floor, Gizmag reports that we should expect to see a production version of the concept in Tokyo later this year.

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has filed a series of patents on its new hybrid technology, the most innovative part of which is a planetary gearbox that can adjust the power flow from the gas-powered engine, electric motor and generator. According to Yamaha, this arrangement allows for all of the assorted hybrid bits to fit within the narrow confines of a two-wheeled motorcycle chassis. Click here for a nice explanation of how the technology will function and click here for more information from the official patent filing.

[Source: US Patent Office via Gizmag]

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