Hariss Steam Car prototype - Click above for high-res image gallery

Now here's just the thing to mix up with a heated-up Flattie, or better yet, a Rajo Model T powerplant, which would be perfectly authentic for the vintage. Oh sure, purists will argue that this artifact, which apparently started life as a Hariss Steam Car prototype carrying a Stanley Steamer power unit, should be returned to its original state. Good luck figuring out exactly what that was.

With a deft enough touch, you could pay homage to the 1930s craftsmanship in this vehicle without ruining it. Either way, if you're determined enough to buy this obviously Stout Scarab-inspired vehicle (it currently has one bid at $8,500) it will be yours to do whatever you choose, critics be damned. Going all Travels With Charley with this split-window behemoth, especially towing a homebuilt teardrop trailer, would be a fantastic summer diversion, and if you did go all external-combustion-engine on it, you'd always have a fire to sit around at night.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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