Palmer Johnson Ice Class World Yacht – Click above for high-res image gallery

Teak decks, big engines, luxurious accommodations, leisurely cruising, lots of chrome...we could just as easily be talking about a modern Rolls-Royce as a motor yacht. So it should come as no surprise that renowned shipbuilder Palmer Johnson turned to Rolls-Royce to collaborate on one of its most ambitious projects, the PJ World Yacht.

The result of Palmer Johnson's acquisition of Flekkefjord & Slipp, a Norwegian builder of exploration vessels, the 82-meter Ice Class mega yacht concept features everything a world traveler could ask for, and then some: a helipad with elevator-equipped hangar, submarine garage and a six-floor interior designed by Italian naval architects Nuvolari-Lenard – including a three-deck master stateroom, swimming pool, gym, spa, home theater...the works.

The yacht even comes equipped with such pirate-defense features as water cannons and thermal imaging cameras, along with an environmentally-friendly diesel-electric propulsion system. Granted, the branch of Rolls-Royce with which Palmer Johnson collaborated on this project has more to do with marine equipment than luxury limousines, but against the backdrop of other automotive-nautical crossovers like BMW's Bavaria Cruiser 55 and Porsche Design's Fearless 28, the PJ Ice Class World Yacht looks like the veritable Rolls-Royce of mega yachts. Have a look at the renderings in the gallery below to see for yourself.

[Source: Palmer Johnson]

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