Arden AJ18 – Click above to view in high-res

The thing about limited editions is that there are bound to be at least a few customers disappointed that they couldn't get their hands on one. That's the whole point, keeping demand higher than supply and thus ensuring a high price. So it's a little unusual to see an automaker or aftermarket supplier going back and reopening the supply lines, especially if the model in question has already been replaced. But that's exactly what British tuning house Arden has done with the AJ18.

Based on the previous-generation XK, Arden debuted this limited-edition track-inspired Jag coupe nearly ten years ago at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show, pegging production at just 13 units. A decade gone by, Arden has announced the availability of an additional five examples, bringing the total run up to 18 pieces. What sets the AJ18 apart from the stock XK8 is the carbon-composite aero kit, custom grilles and bumpers, narrow wing mirrors, giant rear wing and 20-inch Sportline rims hiding 370mm brake discs with 6-piston calipers mounted to a lowered Bilstein suspension.

We'd just as soon go out and buy a new XK, dynamically superior as it is to its successor in just about every way, but if you've already got a previous-generation model in your driveway and still regret missing your chance to upgrade it to the Arden AJ18, this will probably be your last chance. Probably.

[Source: Carscoop]

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