Dean Kamen's Stirling-powered hybrid scooter patents - Click above for image gallery

We've known about Dean Kamen's work on the Stirling engine for hybrid vehicle use since the inventor introduced the DEKA Revolt late last year. According to some recently-filed patent applications, though, it would seem that Kamen has lots more up his sleeve for the good 'ol Stirling engine, including a possible hybrid scooter.

According to
Gizmag, Kamen is thought to be using a prototype scooter featuring the Stirling hybrid powertrain at his personal residence on an island a mile off the coast of Connecticut. From the patent drawings, we can see a that the Stirling engine is mounted at the rear of the bike while a rechargeable battery pack for the electric motor sits under the scooter's floor.

According to the report, Kamen has invested some $50 million into the development of the Stirling engine, though it's unclear whether there are any possible production plans for this particular hybrid scooter.

[Source: Gizmag]

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