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Hear about those reports last week of a potential tie-up between Suzuki and Volkswagen for microcar development? Osamu Suzuki, Chief Executive at the automaker that bear his name, heard those rumors, too, and they apparently came as news to him. Though Suzuki falls short of denying outright that any potential deal could be struck, he told the Chunichi Shimbun Daily (via Reuters):
So far there's been absolutely no contact (with Volkswagen). Lately, we've been the victim of a lot of rumors (of equity tie-ups and cooperation deals).
Given the fact that Suzuki sells more cars – albeit tiny 660cc Kei cars – in Japan than any other automaker not named Toyota but has a limited footprint in most other markets, it's not surprising that rumors of impending partnerships are common. In this case, though, it would seem that reports of a potential deal with VW were at least a little bit premature.

[Source: Reuters]

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