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The Citroen C3 is old enough in car years that it's getting a re-do before it undergoes a mid-life crisis. The new version is certainly a more mature design, receding hairline and all. Citroen has come up with its own euphemism for it, coining the phrase "Zenith Windscreen" to describe a large windshield that extends further up into the roof than normal to create a panoramic feel to the interior.

The new C3 is a smoother looking supermini than before, with slicker styling keeping it modern and slipping through the air with a Cd of .30. Inside the redone sheetmetal, the interior gets classed up and quieted down. Most notably, there's an integrated air freshener, presumably useful when you're using all 10.5 cubic feet of boot space to haul big dogs or foie gras party platters.

An HDi (Citroenese for "diesel") engine keeps CO2 emissions low, and new powerplants are in the pipeline for 2011. The new engines will use stop/start, the diesel versions of which will drop carbon dioxide emissions further, while gasoline-fueled C3s will also dip below the 100g/km of CO2 emissions level with a new three-cylinder engine. The C3's new duds don't come with the typical generational increase in weight, and the Chevron-emblazoned C-class car will motor onto the small car battlefield ready to earn more accolades with its latest generation. Follow the jump for Citroen's official press releas,e or browse over the C3's new design in the high-res gallery below.

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Press Release:


Citroën has released first details of the new C3, a completely redesigned successor to the popular C3 supermini – a bestseller with over 2 million units delivered worldwide.

Arriving in the UK early in 2010, the new C3 boasts contemporary lines and seductive styling, compact exterior dimensions – cleverly matched to exceptional interior space – good environmental credentials and a refined, high quality interior – as well as offering a unique and innovative windscreen design.

On the outside, new C3 gets a sportier edge, with a tauter profile that gives the car a more dynamic, yet robust appearance. Nowhere is the modern styling more apparent than in the design of the new C3's unique Zenith windscreen, which flows dramatically up and over the heads of the front occupants. Coupled with slim side pillars, the huge progressively tinted windscreen offers a truly panoramic field of vision – along with optimum overhead sun protection.

'Visiodrive' – the word created to best describe the new Citroën C3 – is born out of this unique windscreen, which is yet another example of Citroën's use of 'Creative Technologie'. The screen helps to create a bright and pleasurable cabin environment for driver and passengers alike – improving visibility, road safety, driving pleasure, ambience and the overall feeling of spaciousness.

Inside the cabin, attention to detail and the use of high quality materials, delivers an air of refinement and class, which is complemented by enhanced sound insulation and a pleasant fragrance from the car's integrated air freshener.

Despite its added sophistication, increased comfort and interior space, the new C3 remains one of the most compact vehicles in its segment – and avoids any increase in weight over the current model. At just 3.94m long and 1.71m wide, it offers a generous 300 litres of boot space, along with numerous storage areas throughout the cabin. Occupants also benefit from a feeling of comfort and roominess with a slightly raised seating position for ease of access and improved visibility.

The new C3 is at ease in the city, with its compact dimensions and 10.2m turning circle, as well as on the open road, thanks to its enhanced dynamics. The careful control of weight, combined with optimised aerodynamics (Cd of 0.30), allows the new C3 to achieve excellent fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

From launch, an HDi 90 powered version will be available emitting just 99g/km CO2 – the first full production Citroën to emit less than 100g/km. Whilst the arrival of new power plants from 2011, incorporating second-generation Stop & Start technology, will see diesel versions emitting as little as 90g/km CO2, to be followed by new generation three-cylinder petrol engines with less than 100g/km CO2.

Modern and perfectly at home in the 21st century, the new C3 can be well connected with USB, iPod and Bluetooth® functionality, as well as offering Citroën's 'MyWay' satellite navigation and Hifi System®.

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