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We've been following the story of the Carver One leaning three-wheeler for the last few years, and we've often thought the vehicle was a great idea just waiting to catch on. Unfortunately, the company may never build another vehicle of its own as it's just gone bankrupt after a major deal reportedly fell through in May.

The problem – as often is the case when innovative technology first hits the market – was the Carver's high price. According to Carver Europe director Willem Verheul:
Too few people wanted to buy the ingenious sports car at 50,000 euros. We had [planned for] about 300 vehicles sold per year, but in two years, only 200 were purchased.
If there's any ray of sunshine to the bad news, it's that the Advanced Technology Licensing Company is still in business, so there's still hope that future vehicles will come to market using Carver's innovative leaning three-wheel technology. No word on how or if this affects Persu Mobility (formerly Venture Vehicles).

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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