It shouldn't be entirely uncommon to run across a Ford Fiesta here in the United States now that the Blue Oval has handed the keys to a hundred of 'em to various "agents" all across the country as part of its Fiesta Movement program. What is unusual, though, is seeing a Fiesta sedan, but that's exactly what Domino Vitali, a spy shooter for our friends at WebRidesTV Blog, managed to snap a few shots of just north of the Motor City in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Though the Ford Fiesta Sedan is already available in China, the American version of the car will differ slightly to conform with U.S. regulations. We'll likely get revised fascias front and rear along with bumpers that offer a smidgen more protection in low-speed impacts. Fortunately for those of us who prefer the utmost in practicality, FoMoCo is also expected to send the hatchback (in both three- and five-door configurations) to America in addition to this new sedan when the Fiesta finally goes on sale as a 2011 model.

[Source: WebRidesTV Blog]

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