China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery, the company that recently surfaced as the top bidder for Hummer, is about to start talks with Chinese regulators to secure the deal. While General Motors has a tentative agreement with Tengzhong, the two companies have yet to receive the state's blessing, which is necessary for the sale to go through.

Tengzhong, GM and Hummer have been working on a proposal to present to the National Development and Reform Commission, despite speculation that the deal will be blocked by those Chinese officials. Tengzhong reportedly remains optimistic, saying they haven't heard anything from the authorities and don't expect to until their proposal is actually submitted.

Speculation that the deal was in jeopardy began when a China National Radio station reported that government regulators would block the deal based on environmental concerns about Hummer vehicles and the fact that Tengzhong doesn't have much experience as an automaker. Tengzhong is better known as a manufacturer of special-use vehicles, structural components for highways and bridges, construction machinery and energy equipment, so some have suggested this is little more than a publicity stunt for the company, but it certainly sounds like they are serious about the deal now.

[Sources: Reuters, Wall Street Journal]

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