Following the lead of a similar project in Japan, Nissan has kicked off the Nissan Intelligent Driver Project (NIDP) in Europe. The NIDP combines all kinds of technological aids, including telematics, to help drivers reduce fuel consumption. In Europe, the NIDP is an eight-month study that uses satellite navigation systems, cell phone technology and other communication devices to analyze driving habits and suggest ways of improving fuel economy. Nissan has reason to believe that it works. In Japan, the test led to an 18 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

How does this system actually work? The car's fuel economy is displayed to the driver via the navigation system screen and sent to Nissan Global Data Centre for analysis. There, the data is analyzed and published in a website that can be accessed by the driver. Depending on fuel consumption, drivers are rewarded with Bronze, Silver, Gold or even Platinum status (what, no green?). The site also offers space for the drivers to share their impressions and their driving techniques for hypermiling.

[Source: Nissan UK]

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