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Could it be that the former head of marketing and communications at Tesla Motors is heading over to a similar position at the company formerly known as Miles Automotive's new Coda Automotive brand? If 2 + 2 still equals 4 then we're pretty sure that's the case, at least for a little while. Darryl Siry, who publicly tweeted that he had recently been helping out the fledgling electric vehicle spin-off, appears ready to take on a more official title, though it may only be for a few months. In an inaugural posting on a blog created to follow the genesis of his personal start up, Plato's Forms, Siry writes that he will "...take on a new role of acting Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for an LA based EV company for the next 4-6 months."

We suspect that by simultaneously taking on these two demanding challenges, he will soon view the period between the leaving of his former high-profile position until now as lazy days indeed. That's not to intimate that successfully marketing the Coda sedan (pictured above) will be an especially difficult task...ok, yes, it is. Initial enthusiasm for the all-electric sedan has been somewhat muted in the face of the daunting $45,000 price tag and somewhat plain, yet controversial, styling. Now that Tesla officially has the ATVMP funds that clears the path of the very desirable "S," Siry will need to find himself a way to explain to consumers the advantages of buying a Coda rather than waiting a little longer for the seemingly superior product offered by his former employer. Seriously, good luck with that.

Update: Mr. Siry, emphasizing the temporary nature of his new position, wishes to clarify that his main objective at Coda will be to find a permanent chief marketing officer (CMO).

[Source: Plato's Forms / Twitter]
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