A consumer group representing people who currently have product liability claims against GM and Chrysler looks like it won't be getting much, if any, restitution. When GM went into bankruptcy, it still planned to deny any liability claims -- ones that came up today, for instance -- when the new GM was formed. In a reversal meant to quell resistance from that consumer groups and state officials, New GM has agreed to assume liability for future claims on products made by Old GM.

The consumer group said, "The fact that 'New GM' will protect consumers injured by defective 'Old GM' cars is a positive development for public safety." The key word in this is "future;" new GM won't be responsible for any of the currently pending claims -- those that the consumer group is really fighting over, and that will still be addressed by old GM. Also, no date was given for when the "future" begins, so there is still a fair bit of clarity left to get on this issue.

[Source: Yahoo!]

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