Honda has said for almost two years that the very good looking CR-Z hybrid concept would make it to production. We've heard that the production version of the CR-Z would harken back to the original two-seat CRX and would be more aggressive and sporty than the 2009 Insight. Now, Japan's Best Car magazine has tried to imagine what such a car might look like, even enlarging (it appears) the big front vent. The new dedicated hybrid's name will be the CR-ZX.

Best Car also says that the ICE portion of the hybrid powertrain would be a 1.3- or 1.5-liter gasoline engine, similar to what's used in the Insight. Car Scoop has heard that a 1.8-liter is also a possibility, especially outside of Japan. We should know more when the CR-ZX is unveiled, possibly at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

[Source: Best Car via Car Scoop]

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