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What sort of location is fitting for a new dealership for a new iconic electric car in London? One good choice would be in the Knightsbridge. Specifically, on Cheval Place, within walking distance from the high-class department store Harrods and in a building was, until recently, used by the Segrave Supercar Club (sort of a ZipCar for the rich). This is the location of Tesla Motor's new showroom in the UK. Tesla will also soon open regional sales and service centers in Monaco, Munich and Zurich, and four new stores in the United States. Britons can purchase their Tesla Roadsters at prices starting at £94,000 on the road and, since these are pure EVs, the cars quality for a lot of tax exemptions, such as VAT (sales tax) reduction, no Congestion Charge, no Luxury Tax, free parking and free charging. Even better, for Britons at least, is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmet right-hand drive Roadsters for early 2010.

"Thanks to an abundance of discriminating drivers and progressive public policy, Tesla is already well known in Europe," Musk said. "We expect the London store to dramatically increase our brand identity throughout the continent, and with right hand drive models now due at the beginning of next year, the UK market will provide a solid foundation on which to build this."

[Source: Tesla]

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