Looking for a spectacularly useless way to waste some time? Online car configurators are one of our favorites. You can sit for an hour or more playing with different color combinations and options on a car you're never going to buy, and have absolutely nothing to show for it when you're done. The most alluring are the configurators for the most exclusive European exotica, but typically automakers don't launch these until the car's on the market, or at least has been unveiled in production form. Rolls-Royce, however, has evidently decided to jump the (nickel-plated, mother-of-pearl-handled) gun in putting online a configurator for the 200EX, the concept car that previewed the upcoming Ghost model at the Geneva show this past March.

Labeled the "visualizer", the utility is available for all your distracting, time-wasting needs on the 200EX mini-site. There you can play around with different color and trim choices inside and out, right down to the "silver satin bonnet". Enjoy, but don't come complaining to us when you haven't gotten any work done.

[Source: Rolls-Royce]

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