Land Rover LRX Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Automakers that hope to continue doing business over the next few years need to be increasingly aware of their fuel consumption, emissions and environmental credibility. In deference to this fact, Auto Express in the UK is reporting that Land Rover is moving forward with plans to launch the new LRX compact hybrid 'ute, possibly with a bit of help from the U.K. government.

According to the report, Land Rover will borrow liberally from corporate partner Jaguar's hardware stable, which is rumored to soon include both hybrid and extended-range EV options. Land Rover's innovative electric drive rear axle is supposedly on the LRX menu, which would work along with the automaker's well-known and highly-effective Terrain Response System to put power to the ground wherever possible.

If there's any truth to these rumors, we shouldn't expect Land Rover to have the hybrid LRX in production until at least two years have passed. In the meantime, the British-built, Indian-owned automaker is set to debut stop/start and regenerative braking on all of its models to improve their environmental performance.

[Source: Auto Express]

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