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Regular AutoblogGreen readers will probably be familiar with the name Greg Blencoe. He's known around here as a big proponent of hydrogen vehicles, and apparently believes that everyone else should love the H2, too. Blencoe has just written a post that describes why (again) and is challenging AutoblogGreen readers to think about whether mainstream drivers will be drawn to hydrogen or pure electric vehicles.

Basically, Blencoe says that if you put a Mitsubishi iMiEV, a plug-in Toyota Prius and a hydrogen-powered Toyota FCHV in front of Joe V6-pack, he'll choose the FCHV. Why? Because the iMiEV has limited range and the PHEV Prius is too expensive and doesn't deliver 100 mpg. The FCHV, on the other hand, can go 400 miles and has a bunch of trunk space. That's a bit of comment fodder if there ever was one. At least he calls AutoblogGreen "very popular" (flattery will get you everything). We've set up a poll to answer this question, but we're also ready for the comment explosion. Now, whaddya think?

[Source: Hydrogen Car Revolution]

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