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Since the automaker's descent into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a number of people have taken to referring to GM as Government Motors. That's clever, but Beth Lowery, GM Vice President, Environment, Energy & Safety Policy, has a different acronym on her mind: Green Motors. A bit flowery perhaps, but she explained why as she answered a few interesting questions presented by attendees of the Air and Waste Management Association's annual conference and exhibition in Detroit recently. For instance, when asked how GM plans to produce the Volt profitably, Lowery says:
Introducing advanced technology is always expensive initially, especially in the early generations. It's important to have the right incentives for customers, such as federal tax credits. Future generations of the technology will be less expensive, making it possible for us to turn a profit.
Other questions were asked regarding GM's plans for the future and other possible vehicular segments. Perhaps someone's thinking of PUMA? Says Lowery:
From a macro level, we're looking at transportation systems globally, but our main focus today is on getting personal transportation - cars and trucks - right.
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[Source: GM Fastlane]

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