Brammo Enertia TTR race bike - Click above for high-res image gallery

The officials behind the just-completed TTXGP on the famed Isle of Man and the upcoming zero-emissions motorcycle race at the Mid Ohio race track in America have issued an invitation to anyone with an electric motorcycle that they believe can compete at a race pace for at least 20 miles to bring the machine to Ohio on July 24-26.

Granted, that's only about a month or so away, but it could also be a great opportunity to showcase electric motorcycles in front of a 60,000-strong audience of enthusiasts. According to the official TTXGP blog, this event is a "presentation to main street America to show what a zero-carbon motorsport might look like."

We still don't have final confirmation on what teams from the TTXGP race will be in attendance at Mid Ohio, but we had heard earlier that Mission Motors and Electric Motorsport have signed on to participate. We just heard through Twitter that Brammo won't be able to make it to the race. In any case, we've been told there will be live coverage and streaming video of the event. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

[Source: eGrandPrix]

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