They're nothing more than brief flashes on a screen and there's no guarantee that they represent the mysterious new vehicle announced last week, but the teaser images in a promotional video about V-Venture Co. from Louisiana Economic Development could be previewing the company's upcoming high-mpg car. As you can see in the gallery below (assuming the images are of the company's car), the headlights are somewhat Th!nk-like and the dash is uncluttered. Of course, with the car still 18 or more months from production, everything we see here is likely to change. One more thing: the car now has a projected retail price of just $10,000. If nothing else, that tells up this car won't include a large li-ion battery back (unless, maybe, it's leased). You can watch the video here and get more information on VVC here.

[Source: Louisiana Economic Development, HybridCars]

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