If you're like us, you can't help but smile at the breathless optimism and certainty that the folks at Auto Express have for not-yet-released models. The latest car to catch their rendering artist's eye is the forthcoming Vauxhall Astra droptop.
According to AE, the new convertible Roadster variant will forgo the rear seats of the current TwinTop and instead adopt a more rakish two-seat design. The folding metal roof will reportedly integrate a pair of rollover fairings in its tonneau cover, and tighter overhangs with more aggressive ground effects.

Interestingly, AE claims that the Astra Roadster will not get a VXR performance variant, but it will receive the hot hatch's 2.0-liter turbo engine, reportedly good for 270 bhp and a 0-60 mph time in six seconds. Lesser engines will apparently include a 1.4-liter turbo giving 150 bhp and a 170 bhp 2.0-liter CDTI diesel.

Due to General Motors selling off Vauxhall and its twin brand Opel to Magna, the likelihood of seeing such a model Stateside would appear to be even slimmer than normal. Either way, the U.K. publication says the world will have to wait a while for the topless Astra, as the automaker will first roll out the five-door, followed by the three-door and wagon models and later an MPV. Only after the rest of the lineup is revealed will Vauxhall break out the suntan lotion.

[Source AutoExpress]

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