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Although Audi has said that it won't be bringing the new A5 Sportback to these shores, that didn't stop them from doing exactly that recently. Whether for testing purposes or marketing work, a Sportback was spotted here in Southern California recently and was luckily captured by frequent AB commenter Zamafir. Although the car was covered in camo, Zamafir says he also saw the vehicle in the flesh and offered his thoughts on the car:
I had the chance to poke my head around the A5 sportback this morning, it's a wonderful car. Out of respect for the gentlemen handling it I didn't snap any shots of the car with the camouflage off, but it's very much what you would expect the A4 with an A5 rear superimposed upon it to look like. It's very very cogently penned. All the lines are very crisp, and I honestly prefer the profile from the side to the A5 and the BMW 5 series GT.

Inside the dash is the standard A5 affair with a different sort of trim than I'm used to seeing here in the US, though It's an ingolstadt car so who know if it'll make it over. Kind of a perforated metal look. Most importantly, the rear seats are quite a bit more roomy than I had expected. About on par with the A4. It's hard to tell from the spy shots but there is a reasonable amount of head room in the back thanks to the way the roof liner kind of arches up towards the rear inside. Visibility out the rear windows is a little obscured by their dramatic cut downwards and backwards to facilitate the sloping rear.
Thanks, Zamafir!

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