If you had gobs and gobs of money, would you spend some on an electric car? What if your core business was selling people oil and gasoline? That's what ExxonMobil is all about, but the company is backing the electric car sharing program AltCar that uses a new EV called the Maya 300. News has been available on this unusual partnership with Electrovaya for a long while, but more details should be announced tomorrow when Electrovaya opens up about the car. Electrovaya has been signing deals and working on EVs with many partners over the years, but the Maya 300 is particularly interesting.

According to Green Tech Media, the Maya 300 uses li-ion batteries to go about 60 miles per 8-10 hour charge from a standard outlet. The car should be available in 2011 for something like $20,000-$25,000. For $30,000-$35,000, a 120-mile range version will also be available. When it was first announced, the Maya 300 was called an NEV. Considering the price, GTM believes that the car might be more than that now. We should find out more tomorrow and when the car is displayed at the National Motor Vehicle and Aviation Workshop in Chicago in late July.

As for AltCar, the carsharing program will initially be available at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, MD and will be open to residents and tourists to rent at Maya 300 by the hour. Thanks to John H. for the tip!

Update: Photo now shows current Maya 300 incarnation.

[Source: Green Tech Media, Green Car Congress, All Cars Electric, Exxon]

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