First Drive: 2010 Ford Taurus SHO offers excellence without emotion
A decade has passed since the original SHO went off to the Great Crusher in the Sky, and now Ford has returned with an altogether different range-topping Taurus for 2010. Does it live up to the original, or is it more in keeping with the underwhelming model that preceded it so long ago? We find out.
POLL: 54% of Americans against Cash for Clunkers, 59% expect GM quality to dip under gov't. ownership
America's "Cash for Clunkers" bill is on the cusp of being signed by President Obama, but according to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, a majority of U.S. citizens aren't in favor of the plan.
Stunning GTbyCITROËN concept car runs Gran Turismo London city streets course in real life!
The almost impossibly long and low GTbyCITROËN, which started life as a concept car for the wildly popular Gran Turismo gaming franchise, has made its first real-life foray through London in a recreation of the video game's street circuit.
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