Wike has been making bicycle trailers since the mid-1990s but what caught our eye recently was the electric, partially enclosed four-wheeled vehicle that the company is working on. More than an electric bike and less than a car, the Wike Electric Sun is a suitable alternative for people who belive that the important part of transportation is getting to your destination with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Specific details of the Electric Sun's powertrain are not available, but it's hard to imagine that this vehicle is anything but efficient as all get out.
Wike's first foray into electric cars was the Yike, an electric-powered recumbant bicycle with a 20-mile range. Wike financed the Yike with money won in a settlement over a bike trailer patent infringement. The Electric Sun is an evolved version of the Yike, sort of a DIY version of GM's PUMA, and is the only vehicle I can think of that can go 30 mph and fold up. Wike's vehicle mindset is as follows:
While cars can be useful for longer trips, the majority of people worldwide only drive a short distance. Something better than a large bulky car can be used for these short runs to work, the grocery store and around the neighbourhood.
Thanks to Andres C. for the tip! Andres writes, "To me as an E-bicycle fanatic, this design (that works) represents the future of personal transportation NOT the monster clunkers like the Volt and Tesla cars ... Just imagine a polished version of it." Your thoughts?

[Source: Wike]

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