Ever wanted to take your green vehicle to a world-renowned race track, show it off to the masses and maybe even try a little race-against-the-clock action? Well, soon you can. On July 19th, Speed Ventures is presenting a day at Laguna Seca for owners, builders and manufacturers of alternatively-fueled vehicles to showcase their rides to the general public in an event that will include parade laps, ride alongs, practice lap sessions and even a time-trial competition.

While we don't know who exactly will be in attendance (there are rumors that an electric motorcycle from the recent TTXGP will be present), we wouldn't be surprised to see a Tesla or two considering that they are native to California and some Roadster owners are just a little competitive. Who knows, maybe Q'orianka Kilcher will want to flaunt her new Honda Clarity.

To help maximize participation in their first alt-fuel event, organizers are not charging any vehicle entry fees beyond the $10 per person that will apply to all attendees. So, if you're craving the corkscrew (pictured above), go ahead and get registered while there's still space. Have fun and don't forget your video cameras.

[Source: Speed Ventures]
Photo by wickedchimp. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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