The parking spaces at the French Ministry of Environmental affairs was recently filled with alternative cars in many flavors. The alt-fuel vehicles were introduced to Jean-Louis Borloo, the French Environmental Minister and are the results of a €57 million investment from ADEME (The French Agency for Environmental and Wise Usage of Energy - quite a name, no?).
Renault participated with three new items: the Velroue, a hybrid city car; a system to improve EV range called Vega/Thop; and a plug-in rechargeable 12-ton freight truck. PSA brought two projects, a hybrid car that favors electricity over the ICE and a new hybrid system. Valeo, Heuliez, EDF, Total and several Universities also had technologies to showcase. Borloo announced that French institutions will purchase up to 100,000 EVs in the coming years, once the recharging station infrastructure is set up.

[Source: Autoplus]

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