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Finally. It's been a few years since we made the case that Hawai'i is one of world's best places to introduce electric cars. Since then, we've seen the state begin to make moves in an EV direction through a partnership with Better Place and got to learn about the first ever electric car in Hawai'i. But Henk Rogers is living the dream.

Rogers owns the fourth Tesla Roadster in Hawai'i, and the Honolulu Weekly recently learned about how the car came to Honolulu. Hint, it's about the ocean. See, Rogers is concerned about the increasing acidification of the ocean (apparently, 100 million tons of CO2 sink into the ocean every hour, rapidly increasing the acid level there) and the damage this is doing to shellfish and coral. He started up the Blue Planet Foundation that's trying to get Hawai'i to get off of carbon-producing energy. That's a big goal, and, in the meantime, Rogers cruises around O'ahu in the Roadster, an electric scooter and a Prius. Fun.

[Source: Honolulu Weekly]
Full disclosure: I used to write for the Honolulu Weekly

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