Visitor to Bergamo, Italy now have an option to drive through town without an ICE by renting an all electric model from Puntogiallo. Although the elettrica is an NEV and cannot be driven on the Italian autostrada (freeway), it's quite suitable for city travel. The Italian-made model is called Startlab Open Street and it belongs to the quadracycle cattegory, which means it can be driven without a driver's license in Europe. This model is a two seater only, and spots a lead-gel battery able to power the car for 65km (a little more than 40 miles) with a maximum speed of 55 km/h (34 mph). The car's structure is made from aluminum and, with wheels at the corners, it's got a special go-kart handling feeling. As a bonus, Bergamo offers free parking space for EVs. Grazie a Giuliano.

[Source: Motorcafe]

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