In case you haven't been paying attention, Formula 1 as we know it appears ready to come completely apart at the seams with the front-running teams launching a separate series that could potentially run concurrently with what's left of today's F1. With all of that going on, it's easy to forget that there's an actual race taking place this weekend in Britain.

According to reports from the McLaren camp, Lewis Hamilton will be running through the assorted practice sessions without an active KERS system. Teammate Heikki Kovalainen, on the other hand, will have a fully functioning hybrid system in place.

McLaren, which is generally acknowledged as having the best KERS implementation in all of Formula 1, is keenly interested to see if reality matches up with computer predictions that indicate its race cars should be 0.3 seconds faster around the track at Silverstone with KERS enabled. We'll be tuning in on Sunday to see how it all plays out on the course.

[Source: World Car Fans | Photo: Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images]

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