While we have had the opportunity to ride both the Zero X and the Quantya Track, our time and terrain with the electric motocross machines were relatively limited. Not so for Dirt Rider Magazine. The publication had both bikes in their possession for an extended period and thoroughly put the pair through the wringer. The fact that they returned them to their respective companies in one piece says a lot for the quality of both brands.

So which bike is better? Like so many things, it all depends on what you like in a dirt bike. The Quantya was said to have a more natural seating position with better suspension and stronger spokes and brakes while the Zero was judged to have a better battery and tires. Power delivery from the X was "delayed but consistent" while the on the Track, but the mellower delivery was thought to aid traction and, therefore, be more usable. The magazine's conclusion is the the best bike would be a combination of the two, but they give the Zero a slight edge only because the battery lasts a bit longer, giving them more, very enjoyable riding time.

[Source: Dirt Rider Magazine]

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