Tesla Style kids car - Click above for image gallery

This isn't the first time we've seen a toy representation of the Tesla Roadster, but it is the strangest. First, the good news: it's all-electric (mega points for authenticity) and it's quite cheap, at least comparatively, at just $229. It's fully remote controlled and even has an ipod/MP3 player connection. Interested? Check it out over on Scootercatalog. Of course, the URL for the order page says that the car is "Corvette Style," and there is a major problem with this "Tesla Style" kid car": four exhaust pipes!

Our friend Chelsea Sexton thought that little mistake was worth emailing the company about, saying that "I'm thinking you might have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a Tesla is...Given that it's fully electric, there is no exhaust, and therefore no tailpipe - let alone dual exhaust on each side!" She got an unusual response: "Thank You for the opinion, others have a different one though." Right. Because none of us can possibly agree on the number of exhaust pipes an EV should have. Fail.

[Source: Chelsea Sexton, Scootercatalog]

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