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Big Rig Jig is a rumination on power as manifest in the relationship between humankind and nature. The sculpture utilizes two decommissioned 18-wheeler tanker trucks, referencing a global oil industry at the nexus of our world's political, social, and environmental systems. By repurposing these symbolically rich objects, the artist conveys his admiration for and anxiety over humanity's power.
That's how Mike Ross, a designer working on large-scale sculptures since 1998, describes Big Rig Jig, the twin 18-wheeler piece of art seen above. We're not going to try and interpret that too much, but the inspiration obviously has something to do with society's dependence on oil. Debuted at Burning Man back in 2007, the sculpture has continued on display over the last few years at various events and festivals.

[Source: Big Rig Jig via Green Launches | Image: dr.placebo]

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