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Reports have been flying rampant over the last few days that General Motors and Toyota would be entering a joint agreement to share Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology through the two automaker's NUMMI joint venture. It appears the rumors began when Bloomberg ran a story quoting unnamed sources saying the Japanese automaker is considering producing the Prius at the plant it shares with GM in California.

Toyota denies that report as pure speculation, with Mike Goss, external affairs manager with Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, telling Green Car Advisor that it still plans to assemble the Prius at its unfinished plant in Mississippi at some point in the future.

General Motors also denies that it will license hybrid technology from Toyota. In a webchat session on GM's Fastlane Blog, Troy Clarke, President of GM North America, said of the rumors:
We are not in current discussions with Toyota on licensing their synergy drive. I would point out that we are working like crazy on our own hybrid technology. Also, we are really moving fast on the Volt of which you are well aware.
At this point, there seems to be no real evidence that General Motors and Toyota will share hybrid technology. Plus, as we've pointed out before, the whole rumor in general makes little sense.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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