SNCF, the public company that manages French railways, has launched a new directions service that includes all modes of public transport. While there are plenty of sites that offer directions for drivers, and most mass transit systems have their own "how to go" application, this is claimed to be the first time that a single site unifies all public transport intercity options in four French cities in a single application. The service is called "Porte @ Porte" (door to door).

If you have your train reservation number, "Porte @ porte" will give you the complete itinerary from your current location to the train station using public transport, the train route to your destination city, and then again the public transporation itinerary to get your final destination. Currently, the service includes up to date information for Paris, Lille, Lyon and Rennes. Rumors say we can expect a "Porte @ Porte" iPhone app soon.

[Source: Carfree France]

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