Many communities have felt the sting of closing dealerships, but it appears for some that capitalism Mahindra is coming to the rescue. The Indian truck manufacturer is sweeping in to sign up recently booted Chrysler dealers to sell their fuel efficient diesel pickups. Mahindra had earlier announced that it had over 300 dealers signed up to sell the truck, but the difficult economy and a lack of available credit likely prevented many from having a dealership online in time for the truck's fall introduction. The experienced, ready for business Chrysler dealerships are like a gift placed in the lap of the Indian truck maker.

In the Detroit area, the Free Press is reporting that two former Chrysler dealers will begin selling the truck this fall. The Mahindra truck will exclusively contain 2.2L diesel powertrains mated to six speed transmissions. The trucks should easily be able to hit 30 mpg on the highway, while also giving owners the ability to carry a 1.3 ton payload. The Mahindra truck will also cost 10-15 percent less than comparable Japanese offerings.

The Free Press also reported that Mahindra is planning a diesel-powered SUV for mid-2010. The SUV will reportedly have a price tag in the $13-15k range.

[Source: Free Press]

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