We lose sleep over getting a ticket, and we're probably not alone. But just imagine how angry you'd be if you received a ticket for an infraction you had nothing to do with. If you're like us, you'd be ready to eat nails. Now imagine that you're Tom Feddor, and you've received 170 citations from the city of Chicago over the span of a decade, and none of them were your fault.
Feddor has been fighting the tickets for over ten years, and he told UPI that nobody seemed interested in helping him. He's had parking violations, moving violations, and even fines for parking a bus, taxi or RV in a residential area. He successfully fought off a number of offenses, but paid handsomely for the cases he didn't win.

After years of pain and frustration, Feddor finally has resolution, and of course, a full repayment of all fines paid. It turns out that his license plate was his undoing. Feddor's family has had the personalized license plate "O" for over 40 years, and since 1997, so have the testers of traffic enforcement equipment. Whenever equipment was tested and the database wasn't wiped clean, Feddor was stuck with the ticket and the paper work.

Now that the problem has finally been solved, the city will no longer use an active plate number for testing. Good thinking, right? Feddor, though, will never get back the ridiculous amount of time he tied up in clearing up 170 tickets.

[Source: UPI]

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