Koenigsegg is one of the most elite exotic car builders on earth. In a good year, the ultra high-end automaker produces a few dozen of its million dollar masterpieces. It's the limited nature of Koenigsegg that makes its purchase of the much larger Saab a real head-scratcher, but that isn't stopping the company's founder from aiming for the stars. Norwiegen designer and Koenigsegg controlling owner Baard Ecker tells Automotive News that he intends to revive the "soul and spirit" of Saab, while also sparking some creativity in the sagging auto industry. Tall order, that is.

Koenigsegg's offer for Saab includes the financial backing of the Swedish government, along with investors in the U.S. and Norway. Ecker also wants to improve Saab's quality and incorporate a regard for the environment in future product planning. As for his role once Saab is acquired, Ecker maintains that it's not his intention to micro-manage the brand, which already has a management team in place. From the sound of things, Saab appears to have a much brighter future than many fans of the Swedish brand could have hoped for just a few weeks ago.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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