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The GreenGt prototype, unveiled at Energissima last April, has finally put its tires to tarmac in a far more suitable setting than an exposition floor. The single-seat electric racer was recently unleashed onto the Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track (former site of many Formula One French Grand Prix) where it had a successful day completing some initial tests. Piloted by veteran LeMans driver Christian Pescatori, the car completed 24 laps in all and gave the team a chance to tune the chassis and see if their gearbox could withstand the demands placed upon it. The lap count might just be significant; GreenGT has named their future product the Twenty-4.

Due to the embryonic stage of the prototype, it was only pushed to about 30 percent of its output potential. Still, it was able to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) and complete 18 of the day's laps on a single battery charge. A "back of the envelope" calculation suggests it should have enough juice on board to complete a lap at next year's TTXGP. While we may have to wait until later this summer for footage of faster electric motoring, we do have a bit of video from this initial outing (including some time on the dynometer) after the jump.

[Source: Car Platform]

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