The Australian company behind the evMe has announced plans to expand their conversion-concept horizons to the European market. Energetique has made the trip from Down Under to Germany and signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with vehicle development firm RLE that will see the partnership develop an adaptable and affordable electric vehicle platform that can meet a variety of different customer needs. What that means in English is that they will take the approach used to turn the Mazda 2 into the evMe and apply it to other vehicle types for small fleet buyers with specific needs.

The original Energetique project looks like it's going well if one were to judge it by its website cover. The evMe internet home has been fully fleshed out since our last visit and now boasts plenty of pictures as well as links to its Facebook page and an electric car survey. They've also been garnering a bit of favorable Aussie press attention that's worth checking out. As far as conversions from the land of kangaroos and wallabies are concerned, we've seen worse. Official press release after the break.

[Source: Energetique]


RLE INTERNATIONAL (Germany) & ENERGETIQUE (Australia) sign MOU to cooperate in the development of electrical drive systems. The partnership is aimed at generating Electric Vehicles for a broad range of mobility applications.

RLE INTERNATIONAL with its extensive experience in vehicle development and drive-train engineering together with ENERGETIQUE, an Australian company specialising in the design and development of technology for electric vehicles and energy management, have entered into a collaboration to develop an adaptable, cost effective platform for an electric vehicle.

The partnership will apply the concept (successfully demonstrated in Energetique's evMe project) of modifying existing car models to electric drive, for delivery to a broad customer base. The goal is to provide customers with tailored solutions, for limited volume fleets at an affordable cost.

RLE INTERNATIONAL is a global leader in engineering services to the Automotive Industry with core competences in body engineering, drive-train and electronics. Under its RLE nova division, the company develops and applies leading edge technologies, with the aim of making innovative concepts available for public use. The E-Vehicle is one of the projects located under the RLE nova umbrella.

ENERGETIQUE is an Australian company that specialises in the design, integration and commercialisation of technologies relating to software, power electronics and the supporting infrastructure for hybrid and electric vehicles. Energetique develops custom solutions for its customers, concentrating primarily on the energy and transport sectors.

The intention of the two companies is to focus primarily on the European market. The collaboration promises to deliver customer-focused solutions within affordable cost and competitive time frames.

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