Homer Simpson is probably one of the last people we'd ask for directions (unless we need to walk over to Moe's for a night cap) but that isn't stopping TomTom from using his very recognizable voice. The lovable Simpson's dad wll provide instructions in the usual Homer prose, including the usual references to food and general stupidity. The TomTom website has samples of Homer's unique direction-giving style on their website.

Homer is just one of over 70 different celebrity voices that are available on the TomTom website, and you don't need to buy a special edition nav unit to experience it. Registered users of TomTom devices can purchase Homer's voice online for only $12.95, but you'll have to download TomTom HOME on your computer if you haven't already done so.

We're guessing that there will be plenty of Simpson's fans that'll be more than happy to download Homer to their TomTom, but we're not sure how this will play out for the rest of us. After all, Homerisms are pretty damn funny, but when we hear the same things over and over again, the novelty wears out pretty quickly. Hit the jump to view the press release.

[Source: TomTom]


Unquenchable hunger, infamous words of wisdom and frequent outbursts make navigation with Homer a real treat for Simpsons fans ~

16 June 2009 – Homer Simpson knows how to navigate to the Kwik-E Mart in Springfield, and thanks to TomTom, now he can help you find your way to your favourite supermarket, doughnut store or burger bar in the UK or Ireland.

TomTom has joined forces with Locutio Voice Technologies and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox L&M), to bring the original voice* of Homer Simpson to TomTom sat nav devices for the very first time.

On the road, Homer's humorous, encouraging and sometimes unusual advice will guarantee that drivers will not only reach their destination on time, but have a lot of fun along the way. With an insatiable appetite as his motivation, Homer adds his own special words of wisdom for TomTom users, such as, "Take the third right. We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm...ice cream." With Homer's unpredictable and comical commands leading the way, drivers are guaranteed an unforgettable journey.

Homer Simpson is the latest character to join the growing line-up of voices available for use on devices made by TomTom, the world's leading navigation solutions provider.

Damian Woodward, sales and marketing manager, TomTom UK & Ireland, said, "Celebrity voices are the most popular downloads that we offer our customers to enable them to personalise their driving experience. With Homer Simpson's voice helping them to navigate during their trip, TomTom users will not only travel safely and with less stress, but they will also be highly entertained along the way."

"Homer Simpson has one of the most identifiable voices in entertainment history," said Elie Dekel, Fox Executive Vice President Licensing and Merchandising. "We have joined forces with TomTom to help celebrate THE SIMPSONS historic 20th anniversary and will help provide a little levity for those long summer road trips ahead."

TomTom portable navigation devices guide drivers with audible, turn-by-turn instructions and 3D maps which work straight out of the box, saving drivers both time and money through technical innovations such as TomTom IQ Routes™.

Included on the devices are up to 70 preloaded voices in 36 different languages, and now drivers can have Homer Simpson navigate them to any location, including specific points of interest. Homer's voice is available for download immediately for £7.95 (€9.95 in Ireland).

Please visit http://www.tomtom.com/simpsons to find out more and hear samples of the voice. Current TomTom users can simply log into their TomTom HOME account to purchase the voice online.

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