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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) is getting in on BMW's MINI E action in a big way. The LA County Board of Supervisors have given their approval to a deal that will see a squadron of 17 of the AC Propulsion-electrified retro-cutes join the force as part of the testing program now underway. While we believe any firearms present during negotiations remained holstered, the boys in brown bagged a steal of a deal and will pay only $10 per month per car. Mere mortals in the year-long program are being asked to shell out $850 per month.

If you live in LA county, you have our sympathies don't look for one of these "hot" Es to appear in your rear view with lights a blazin'. According to LASD spokesperson Steve Whitmore, they will stationed at administrative offices, in specialized units, used for recruitment, and for volunteers.

[Source: KTLA]

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